divendres, 23 de setembre de 2011

Will the US dollar collapse?

Last week, I received a request from NHK's TV to appear in their show talking about economic situation in Spain. The interview was held through video - conference Skype, at 11 a.m. in Spain and 6 p.m. in Japan. The program content usually address Global Debates about economy issues once a week, on the japanese TV NHK's chanel & their program website called Project Wisdom. My friend Juanma used to appear once a week, talking about Spanish or Japanese economic situation. This week, the debat starts with the question: Will the US dollar collapse? People like us from all over the world have been thinking about it and we offered our respectives points of view about our respectives countries. I must admit Spanish economy is getting worse, our weakness is the high inflation and the large underground economy we are suffering from 2008. In my opinion, our priority and immediate need is to restore our fiscal health, to improve our labor market & our education system, more than looking for measures to stimulate the economy. If you're interested to watch the program, please click here: Project Wisdom where you'll find my interview. To watch Juanma's interview, please click here: Project Wisdom.