dimecres, 24 d’agost de 2011

Mongolia, the land of the blue sky

Home, sweet home. I just got back from Mongolia after a 22 hours odyssey between airports and aircrafts of Korean Air. However, it's definitely worth it. Our trip around the country was simply amazing. We've been traveling from UB city to the southern province of Gobi desert where we spent 4 nights without any option to take a shower or eating nothing else but mutton. But we've been riding a camel for almost 3 hours in the lovely sand dunes of the Gobi desert, tasting the flavour of the traditional national beverage called "airag" (fermented mare's milk) and meeting new locals. I'll tell you more details about our 22 days trip around Mongolia with Khongor Expedition soon. I promise!

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Anònim ha dit...

"after a 22 hours odyssey"
"it'S definitely worth it"
"nothing else BUT mutton"
"we've been riding a camel FOR almost 3 hours"

Silvij ha dit...

We're waiting!