dilluns, 1 d’agost de 2011

"Let your memory be your travel bag"

... said Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I'm almost ready to go to the most amazing trip I've been wishing for so long. I'm going to discover the Serengeti of the 7th largest country in Asia, where only 2.8 milion people are living in an area larger than the overall combined territory of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy! I'll probably spend 3 weeks among people under 30 years old who speaks khalka mongolian language (75% of the population). We're traveling with Korean Air from Barcelona to Ulaan Bataar and then, walking, driving, riding a horse or a camel, enjoying nomadic life, learning different ways to live, having a lot of new experiences and sharing ours. I'm so excited about this trip to Mongolia! See you soon!

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marc ha dit...

Have a wonderful trip!!